From corporate identity

A corporate identity design can help dress up your company. However, you can inspire confidence in your partners and give a good and resolute impression only if you focus on total appearance displaying your values.
This is the keystone of business.

First of all, we have an extensive discussion with you about your objectives. To do this, we need a 1 to 2-page brief about what the corporate identity should reflect: what feelings should be generated in potential customers, what surfaces they would like to use, what industrial sector they work in, what their objectives are in the market. To compile the brief our marketing strategy counsellors can help you.

It is favourable if you can show corporate identity elements that your immediate competitors use because we can take care of making your website unique so that customers can differentiate it. Of course, we also do our research job! We study design of companies engaged in similar businesses and we make ourselves familiar with related visual trends to be able to provide the best for you!

During corporate identity design we find it important to custom-tailor the design to your customers. Therefore, it is good if you can provide us with as much information as you can about your customers: their demographics, shopping habits, tastes, why they choose your company.

These pieces of information are highly important because they allow us to create a well-positioned and attractive corporate identity for your company. We are ready to enter into a debate even with you, our Client, if we think that the modifications you request will not have a positive impact on your marketing

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