From corporate identity

A corporate identity design can help dress up your company. However, you can inspire confidence in your partners and give a good and resolute impression only if you focus on total appearance displaying your values.
This is the keystone of business.

1. A company with a good design inspires stronger confidence. WHY?

A logo, a webpage, a product packaging is nice and well-organized. People with high standards created it, which implies that their products are as nice and good. People who can keep things in order can keep order in customer management, too.

2. Customers are willing to pay more for the same product if they get it from a serious, reliable company with good design. WHY?

A serious company takes care of its reputation so it is likely that they listen to customer complaints, too. That is, a professional corporate identity means guarantee.

3. Customers are more likely to develop a long-term loyalty towards a company with good design. WHY?

Since a unique design also means that a company does not want save money on professional design, it suggests that it is a stable business and it is worth considering a long-term cooperation with them.

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