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A corporate identity design can help dress up your company. However, you can inspire confidence in your partners and give a good and resolute impression only if you focus on total appearance displaying your values.
This is the keystone of business.

Where companies become individualized

Monostori Kata - tervezőgrafikus

Kata Monostori

graphic designer

Our customers are primarily small- and medium-sized businesses that see marketing as a complex area of strategic importance.

In the last decades we have learnt that a marketing device, such as corporate identity, can only be effective if it can increase a company’s sales revenues in the long run.

Therefore in all projects we try to provide our clients with materials tailored to their customers: companies whose first priority is their customers, can survive long!

I started Vamonos Design Graphic Studio in 1999 with the following objectives:

  1. to establish an independent studio with proper professional competence,,
  2. which does not strive for a market leading position but can cope with advertising projects I find important,
  3. to help my partners achieve their marketing objectives optimally,
  4. and last but not least to create a place and space for a job I like, something for which I have all skills and qualifications, something I like to do in a way that others also find appealing and something I would like to earn a decent living with.
Contact details:
6726 Szeged, Fürj u. 15.
Tel: 06 (30) 9986 779